Blessed Mary of the Angels

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Born in Turin, Italy, in 1661, she died, after spending her whole life there, in 1717. In 1675 she entered the Discalced Carmelite Convent of St. Christina, and several times filled the offices of Prioress and Novice Mistress. She underwent continual spiritual trials, but was constant in her ardent love of God. She was outstandingly faithful to prayer and particularly devoted to St. Joseph, in whose honor a convent was founded through her good offices at Moncalieri.

From The Way of Perfection by Saint Teresa of Avila

(C 40, nos 3,8 ed. Kavanaugh-Rodriguez 1980, pp. 193-95).

True love for God cannot be hidden Those who truly love God love every good, desire every good, favor every good, praise every good. They always join,
favor, and defend good people. They have no love for anything but truth, and whatever is worthy of love. Do you think it is possible for a person who really loves God to love vanities? No,indeed, he cannot, nor can he love riches, or worldly things, or delights, or honors, or strife, or envy. All of this is so because he seeks only to please the Beloved. These persons go about dying so that their Beloved might love them, and thus they dedicate their lives to learning how they might please him more. Hide itself? Oh, with regard to the love of God—if it is genuine love—this is impossible. If you don’t think so, look at Saint Paul or the Magdalene. Within three days the one began to realize that he was sick with love; that was Saint Paul. The Magdalene knew from the first day; and how well she knew! Love has this characteristic: it can be greater or lesser in degree. Thus, the love makes itself known according to its intensity. When slight, it shows itself but slightly; when strong, it shows itself strongly. But where there is love of God, whether little or great, it is always recognized.

And could one conceal a love that is so strong and just that it always increases and sees no reason to stop since its foundation is made from the cement of being repaid by another love? This other love can no longer be doubted, since it was shown so openly and with so many sufferings and trials, and wit  the shedding of blood, even to the point of death, in order that we might have no doubt about it.

May it please His Majesty to give us his love before he takes us out of this life, for it will be a great thing at the hour of death to see that we are going to be judged by the One whom we have loved above all things. We shall be able to proceed securely with the judgment concerning our debts. It will not be like going to a foreign country, but like going to our own, because it is the country of one whom we love so much and who loves us.



Preparation for the Feast of Christmas
Pious Reflections and Affections I
How we are to attract Jesus to our souls.

“Purity is so pleasing to God that His Divine Son, having resolved to become man by the operation of the Holy Ghost, wished to be born of a Virgin Mother. We all know with what an abundance of graces and with what extraordinary purity God was pleased to adorn the body and soul of Mary, in order to make of her a dwelling worthy of the Word who was to become flesh in her chaste womb. Hence, if we wish to induce the Incarnate God to be born spiritually in our souls, the proper way to do this is to secure purity of conscience for ourselves by banishing from our hearts even the smallest faults and cultivating in them all the virtues. Therefore we should be careful, during these holy days, to mortify our senses by a perfect exterior modesty, in order to obtain interior recollection and also to induce the Divine Child to be bon in our hearts. For this purpose we must take care that our souls be not disturbed by any passion, since at the birth of Jesus peace was proclaimed. In two words, the Incarnate Word is born in the soul which cultivates piety and produces virtues.”

Carmelite Prayer: 
Lord, you have told us that you live forever in the hearts of the chaste. By the prayers of the virgin Blessed Mary of the Angels help us to live by your grace and to become temples of your Spirit.