Blessed Mary of the Angels, Virgin

Blessed Mary of the Angels

December 16

Blessed Mary of the Angels, Virgin

OCD: Optional Memorial

From the Common of Virgins

Born in Turin, Italy, in 1661, she died, after spending her whole life there, in 1717. In 1675 she entered the Discalced Carmelite Convent of St. Christina, and several times filled the offices of Prioress and Novice Mistress. She underwent continual spiritual trials, but was constant in her ardent love of God. She was outstandingly faithful to prayer and particularly devoted to St. Joseph, in whose honor a convent was founded through her good offices at Moncalieri.


Second Reading

From the Way of Perfection

Anyone who really loves God, loves everything good, wants everything good,
stands up for everything good, praises everything good, always sides with
good people and supports them and defends them. People like this only love
what is genuine and things that deserve to be loved.

Do you think anyone who really and truly loves God could love anything
worthless? Of course not--things like money or worldly trinkets or
pleasures or honors: they are not going to fight about things like that, or
be envious over them! Why? Because all they bother about is pleasing their
Beloved. They are dying for His love, so their whole lives are devoted to
finding out how to please Him more. And as for concealing the fact--why, if
it's genuine, love for God is impossible to hide! All you need to do is to
look at St.
Paul, or the Magdalen. One of them, St. Paul, only took three days to
realize he was ill with love; the Magdalen knew the first day. And how well
they understood it!

But there's this about it: there can be more, or less love.
And the way to tell how strong it is, is this: if there is not much it will
not be very obvious, but it will if there is a lot. But however much there
is, the love of God will always show itself.

How could such a strong, right, ever-increasing love ever be hidden--a love
that will admit no reason for not loving, a love based on the fact that it
has been repaid with another love which is beyond all doubt because it has
been openly proved by such great pain and suffering and blood- shed, and the
loss of life itself so as not to leave the slightest doubt about its

May God be pleased to give us love like that before He takes us from this
life! What a wonderful thing it will be, when we die, to know we are going
to be judged by the one we have loved above all else! We won't have to
worry about being charged with our sins, and we won't be going to a foreign
country, but home, because it belongs to the One we have loved so much, and
Who loves us.



You have told us that You live for ever
in the hearts of the chaste.
By the prayers of the virgin Bl. Mary of the Angels help us to live by Your
grace and become temples of Your Spirit.
Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who lives and reigns
with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever.


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