Devotion to the Holy Face


Devotion to the Holy Face

Sister Marie of Saint Pierre (from the Carmel of Tours) and the Golden Arrow

In Tours, France during the 1840's a young Carmelite nun, Sister Marie of Saint Pierre, received a series of revelations from Our Lord about a powerful devotion He wished to be established worldwide - the devotion to his Holy Face. The express purpose of this devotion was to make reparation for the blasphemies and outrages of 'Revolutionary men' (the Communists), as well as for the blasphemies of atheists and freethinkers and others, plus, for blasphemy and the profanation of Sundays by Christians.

This devotion is also an instrument given to the individual devotee as a seemingly unfailing method of appealing to God in prayer - through adoration of His Holy Face and Name.

The following prayer was dictated by our Lord Himself to Sister Marie of Saint Pierre. Opening His Heart to her, our Saviour complained of blasphemy, saying that this frightful sin wounds His Divine Heart more grievously than all other sins, for it was like a "poisoned arrow".

After that, our Saviour dictated the following prayer, which he called "The Golden Arrow", saying that those who would recite this prayer would pierce Him delightfully, and also heal those other wounds inflicted on Him by the malice of sinners. This prayer is regarded as the very basis of the Work of Reparation.



The Golden Arrow Prayer

"May the most holy, most sacred,
most adorable, most mysterious
and unutterable Name of God
be always praised, blessed,
loved, adored and glorified,
in heaven, on earth and under the earth,
by all the creatures of God,
and by the Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus Christ
in the most holy Sacrament of the altar."

Quotations from Sister Saint Pierre Carmelite of Tours

  • "He told me that He wished to give me a "Golden Arrow" wherewith to wound His Heart delightfully, and heal those wounds inflicted by sinner's malice."

  • "He has given it to me as a "Golden Arrow," assuring me that each time I would say it, I would open His Heart with a wound of love."

  • "At that moment it seemed to me I beheld issuing from the Sacred Heart of Jesus, pierced by this "Arrow," torrents of graces for the conversion of sinners."

  • "Our Lord has promised me that He will imprint His divine likeness on the souls of those who honour his most holy Countenance."

  • "All those who honour My Holy Face in a spirit of reparation, will be so doing perform the office of the pious Veronica."

  • "According to the care you take in making reparation to My Face disfigured by blasphemies, so will I take care of yours which has been disfigured by sin. I will reprint therein My image and render it as beautiful as it was on leaving the Baptismal font."

  • "Our Lord has promised me, that all those who defend His cause in this work of reparation, by words, by prayers, or in writing. He will defend them before His Father; at their death He will purify their souls by effacing all the blots of sin and will restore to them their primitive beauty.