Formation Talks

We will be posting various Carmelite Formation Conferences given to our community in St. Louis.  

Our Carmelite Promises

Our current Formation Director has begun a series of talks on the Promises we make as Secular Carmelites. 

  1. Our Carmelite Promise: An Overview
  2. Our Carmelite Promise: The Holy Spirit & Discernment
  3. To Ponder Always In Imitation of Mary
  4. Our Carmelite Promise: To Ponder Always in Imitation of Mary
  5. Our Carmelite Promise:  Faith as Unknowing
  6. Our Carmelite Promise: Hope
  7. Our Carmelite Promise: A Personal Reflection, Part 1
  8. Our Carmelite Promise: A Personal Reflection, Part 2

Talks on the Mansions of St. Teresa of Jesus 

Works of 

  1. The First Mansion: Father Gabriel Barry, O.C.D.
  2. The Second Mansion: Father Gabriel Barry, O.C.D.
  3. The Third Mansion: Father Gabriel Barry, O.C.D.
  4. The Fourth Mansion - Part 1: Father Gabriel Barry, O.C.D.
  5. The Fourth Mansion - Part 2: Father Gabriel Barry, O.C.D.
  6. The Fifth Mansion: Father Gabriel Barry, O.C.D.
  7. A Commentary on the Sixth and Seventh Mansions: Father Herman Ancilli, OCD
  8. Christ in the mysticism of St. Teresa; Father Kieran Kavanaugh, OCD 

Formation talks given to our community by Deacon John Coates 

Writings from †Deacon John Coates, O.C.D.S. 

  1. Active Night of the Spirit and Senses
  2. The Spirit of God | The Holy Spirit
  3. Journey Within
  4. Poverty of Spirit Through Detachment
  5. Prayer in the Carmelite Tradition
  6. The Process and the Promise
  7. Self-emptying in the Carmelite Tradition
  8. Solitude: Solitude and the Carmelite Tradition
  9. St. Francis of Assisi and St. John of the Cross
  10. The Mystic and Mysticism | part 2
  11. This Man Called John and Why the Cross?


Guest Lectures

Talks given by visiting guests.

  1. Father Charles Samson : 17 August 2014
  2. The Spirituality of the Teresian Carmel


Formation Talks from Carmelite Sources

  1. Our First Duty as Carmelites - Father David Centner, OCD