About our Podcast | Our beginnings

Through prayerful inspiration, after much discernment from our Secular Carmelite community and with much help and support from our Carmelite Nuns at the Carmel of St. Joseph, we began our "New Media" apostolate on the feast of Pentecost June 4th, 2006.

Today our Podcast contains over 100 different meditations to help "jump start your prayer" and lead you into a deeper prayer and quiet meditation. The reflections we have gathered through the plethora of writings from the great Saints of Carmel (and from lesser known Carmelite Religious) will aid in your education of the wonderful and historic tradition of mystical prayer found within the Holy Catholic Church. It is a form of prayer which begins and ends in a deep longing for loving union with the Eternal Triune God where a soul seeks "the light of truth will come to purify, enlighten and enkindle his soul."

The Practice of Carmelite Spirituality

Things to consider as you begin to explore the beautiful Garden of Mt. Carmel.

It is important for a soul who seeks to understand the nature of this "spirit of Carmel" to practice a quieting of the heart and mind. The ascetic practices of the hermits living within Carmel's caves in loving adoration of the Creator is not an easy one to imitate! But rest assured, this quiet can be found even in the midst of the noisiest city!

As our trusted guides on this journey we have many saints to help us but we are especially grateful for the spiritual guidance of three Carmelites who are also Doctors of the Church -- St. Teresa of Jesus - Avila (Doctor of Prayer), St. John of the Cross (Doctor of Mystical Theology) and St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face (Doctor of Missions). Each of these "spiritual giants" have helped countless numbers of souls to pursue a life of prayer. How incredibly blessed and grateful are we to have their trusted help!

As the Prophet Elijah waited and watched patiently for God upon the heights of the holy mountain, souls can practice detachment from the noise which surround them and learn to hear the voice which speaks to them in the whisper of the gentle breeze. The hermits who followed Elijah took for their patroness the Blessed Virgin Mary and Carmelites today continue to imitate her as the exemplar of patience, trust and humility. She lived only to do God's Holy Will pondering "all things in the secret of her heart". She leads souls by inspiring them by her holy example how to prayerfully walk in silence toward the eternity where exists her Son, the Redeemer of Man. And He leads us, with the Holy Spirit, into the arms of His Father.

Imitation of Mary in the practice of virtue is the basis of the soul's spiritual life in Carmel. There is no "technique" (though there are exercises) to be learned. A patient heart and a determination in the practice of virtue and prayer will teach a soul to be ever alert to do the Will of the Father. A soul will learn in solitude and the silence of a humble heart.

As a soul thirsts for contemplation in prayer and it learns to recollect itself in this practice, the spiritual life begins to slowly bud and flower. It breathes each prayerful breath in search of the Divine Presence and it hears the voice, "Behold my beloved speaketh to me: Arise, make haste, my love, my dove, my beautiful one, and come. [Canticles 2:10]

We hope you will find inspiration in our "Meditations from Carmel" and that you will come to know the peace and joy which is found in contemplating His Divinity.