Saint Teresa of Avila

The Book of Her Life – Chapter 8.8

   “Who can lose confidence?  Fo the Lord endured so much with me only because I desired and strove to have some place and time in order that He might be with me.  And this I often did without eagerness but through my own great struggles or through the strength the Lord Himself gave me.  For if those who do not serve Him but offend Him derive so much good from prayer and find it so necessary.  Why do those who serve God and desire to serve Him abandon it?  I cannot understand why, unless it is that they want to undergo the trials of life with greater trial and close the door on God so that he may not make them happy.  I certainly pity those who serve the Lord at their own cost, because for those who practice prayer the Lord Himself pays the cost since through their little labor He gives them delight so that with the help of this delight they might suffer the trials.

  I say that prayer is the door to favors as great as those He granted me.  If this door is closed, I don’t know how He will grant them.  For even though He may desire to enter and take delight in a soul and favor it, there is no way of His doing this, for He wants it alone and clean and desirous of receiving His graces.  If we place many stumbling blocks in His path and don’t do a thing to remove them, how will He be able to come to us?”

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