Teresa’s Teresianum

V Centenary

Rome-Italy, March 13, 2015 (Communicationes).-

Christian Muta .- The 56th Spirituality Week which took place at the Teresianum in Rome, from Sunday 22nd to Thursday 26th February, 2015, within the framework of the events planned to celebrate the 5th centenary of the birthof Saint Teresa, selected as its theme: «Teresa’s Teresianum. Five hundred years from the birth of Avila’s Saint». A total of ten conferences were given over five days by the sons of Teresa, all of them professors in the Teresianum. All the sections of the Faculty of Theology and the Spirituality Institute contributed to the Congress.

At the historical level, there was the issue of placing Teresa of Jesus in her context, in order to understand her originality and novelty. A review was given of the 80 years’ journey of the Teresianum, to rediscover the historical roots of the faculty, with emphasis on the academi  and ecclesiastical activities accomplished by the Carmelite Order. In the field of Christian anthropology, the speakers brought out Saint Teresa’s contribution, starting with her notion of virtue and its impact on the spiritual life – a connection that has been established between Christian anthropology today and Saint Teresa’s teaching arising from her spiritual experiences.

In the cultural field was recalled all that has been published in the 55 volumes of the «Llama Viva» collection, where Teresa has always been presented as an outstanding figure, master of prayer, and teacher of the way of perfection. Also recalled was all that is offered each year –of a more scientific nature– in the review «Teresianum», always attentive to studying spirituality in depth.